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企业简介 热门标贴: 刨花板   |    生产技术   |   刨花板优点   


广东瀚森环保材料科技有限公司(以下称为瀚森板材),地处广东省韶关市曲江区白土工业园北江江畔,依山傍水,紧邻京港澳高速、广乐高速、韶赣高速交通枢纽和武广高铁韶关站,交通四通八达,以绝对地理优势挺进岭南。公司成立于2002年5月15日,注册资本1亿元,占地500多亩,拥有员工300余人,其中专业技术人员占50%。为转型升级,公司于2012年公司投资5亿多人民币,引进目前国际上最先进的德国Dieffenbacher 9英尺年产30万的刨花板全套生产线和技术,在锯切、砂光、热能部位使用德国Anthon、意大利Imeas、美国GTS的设备和技术,该线生产的刨花板为绿色环保(E0、super E0)产品。近年来,瀚森板材始终坚持以“品质更好、服务更优”的经营理念为导向,不断改革创新,利用行业顶尖技术全面提升产品品质,致力为更多的家庭提供高品质享受的家具生活。瀚森板材,作为行业领袖品牌,以最完美的姿态迈向国际市场,扎实根基,不断超越,力争成为全球最具影响力的环保材质品牌。

Guangdong Hansen Environmental Material Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Hansen board),which is located at the north riverside of Baitu Industrial Park,Qujiang District,Shaoguan City,Guangdong Province.Transportation network here is very developed due to the combination of natural land and river advantage and the proximityto the highway.  Such as Jinggangao Highway, Guangle Highway and Shaogan Highway. And also near the Shaoguan Station of Wuguang High-speed railway. Our company was founded on May 15,2002,with registered capital of 100 million RMB, which covers an area of 500 acres,and has more than 300 well-trained employees among which half are professional technicians. In order to bring about transformation and upgrading, in 2012, our company invested 500 million RMB to introduce the world’s most advanced German Dieffenbacher 9 feet Particleboard production line. This has an annual output of 300000 m³. And in which German Anthon,Italy IMEAS, US GTS equipment and technology had been applied in cutting, sanding and heating to produce the formal dehyde-free particleboard.In recent years, Hansen board has always adhered to the "better quality, better service" as management idea guide. At the same time, we are keeping up our standards of reforming and innovating. With the most advanced equipment and technology,we are committing to providing high quality for more families to enjoy the life.Hansen board, as an industry leader brand, is moving toward the international market with the most perfect attitude. We will continue to surpass and strive to become the world's most influential brand of environmental protection material.